E2E is dedicated to the sale of hotels and tourism assets. As other options to close deals planned by our clients may arise along the way, they (and their representatives) must be aware that we will always request a minimum commission of €50,000 from the "buying" party for this type of alternative operation to the sale, for which the following rules will additionally govern:

  • Rentals with fixed income: 1.5 months of commission to be paid by the tenant and a half by the lessor.
  • Variable income rentals: 12% on the value of the rent collected by the lessor in the first year, payable in arrears by the lessee.
  • Rentals with purchase option: The tenant will pay 10% of the agreed annual rent + 1/3 of the deposit agreed in advance. If the sale is completed, these amounts will be deducted from the commission that corresponds to us from the sale price and the commission originally offered.
  • In management or management contracts, the interested party (hotel company, fund, etc.) will pay a 1.5% commission on the sale value established in our original offer before formalizing the operation.

In no case will E2E share the amounts receivable partially or completely with other commission agents and/or intermediaries that participate in the operations.


Step 1: Signature of NDA, Collaboration Agreement or Engagement Draft with E2E (depending on the type of client and relationship).

Step 2: Register as a user in our backoffice.

Step 3. Acceptance by us.

Step 4: Sending/receiving blind profiles or teasers (depending on the level of confidentiality).

Step 5: Communication of interest in an asset and call with us or the property (depending on the type of client and the operation.

Step 6: Study phase.

Step 7: Issuance of LOI and expansion of the information on the asset.

Step 9: Period request for the Due Diligence.

Step 10: Delivery of the documentation to lawyers to prepare the documents and signature of the sale.