The E2E (End to End) philosophy is based on the "peer to peer" computer communication model, that is, one that facilitates the transmission from one point to another directly. Due to this we try to work with the least number of intermediaries possible. In fact, since 2020 we only admit one intermediary for the buyer and another for the seller, as well as in certain cases the figure of a figure that acts as a hinge and/or presenter (we value this function at 5-10% of the total commission receivable).

Our experience has led us to understand that the greater the number of players (or intermediaries) at stake, the lower the possibility of carrying out a successful operation. Internally we value each operation depending on its value, the agreed commission, the number of intermediaries and the degree of difficulty that we calculate that it will entail to close it successfully.

As we know that each product and each client is a different world, we are open to specific special agreements as long as the degree of difficulty or reward justifies them.

Following the patterns of our company philosophy, during the intermediation for the commercialization of our real estate products for sale, we usually deal with three types of intermediaries:

  • Those who give us a lead on a potential client, to whom we reward 5% for the first operation that is closed.
  • Those who are constantly feeding us high-level clients for whom we reserve 10%.
  • Those who are direct clients for us and who directly and daily assume all the work to be done with their own clientele and who by contract charge 50% of our commission from the seller.

Mission and ethical code

ANDhe objective of E2E is to help two people or companies that do not know each other (usually a buyer and a seller) to come into contact with the purpose of closing some type of business together.

We value our intermediation work in this process in the form of a percentage commission: We are commission brokers.

For E2E, the client is always one of the interested parties, we never work and charge both, since we consider that this practice (unfortunately still too common) is unethical.

When we work on behalf of the seller our commission is a fixed percentage value: The higher the value of the sale, the higher our fees. In the case of working for the buyer, we use either regressive commissions in a staggered way so that we charge more the lower the final purchase price or with a combination of a fixed purchase order and a variable.

E2E does not work with defaulters (both in the public and private spheres), nor with people or companies that have been convicted of bad business practices.